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Costco dental insurance: is it a good idea for you? ?

What drives a good number of people not to get dental care despite the pain and inconvenience is often the costs, which can be high. With private dental insurance, you can enjoy extensive coverage depending on the options you choose. With Costco Dental Insurance, benefit from optimal dental coverage with Manulife to take care of your dental emergencies.


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  1. Costco: health and dental insurance
  2. How does Costco dental insurance work?
  3. “What is the benefit of purchasing Costco dental insurance ?
  4. What is the scope of insurance services at Costco?
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  10. Why Get Costco Dental Insurance?
  11. Who is Costco dental insurance for?
  12. What does Costco dental insurance cover?
  13. How much does Costco dental insurance cost?
  14. How do I contact Costco dental insurance?
  15. How do I file a claim with Costco dental insurance?


Costco: health and dental insurance

Costco is health and dental insurance offered by Manulife. It is different from the basic Manulife dental insurance, and only applies to Costco members. The advantage with this medical care insurance is that it covers medical expenses that may not be reimbursed by your public health insurance plan or RAMQ.

What makes you need to get Costco dental insurance is that the RAMQ does not take everything into account. You must therefore take care to subscribe to a private dental insurance such as Costco dental insurance.

This will allow you to take advantage of affordable rates offered to Costco members. There is coverage offered by the plan that can help you reduce your expenses. If you are an executive member, you will be able to take advantage of a discount of up to 5% on the rates.


How does Costco dental insurance work?

One of the most common questions people ask when considering a dental plan is, “How does Costco dental insurance work?” »

Costco, an American discount retail company, has started offering dental insurance to its members. Dental insurance is available to any Costco member and the cost of insurance is based on applicant’s age. Manulife is the insurance provider for the Costco Health Plan. It differs from Manulife’s basic plans because Costco members can benefit from it.

The insurance offered by Costco covers medical expenses that may not be reimbursed by your public health insurance plan, for example the RAMQ.

Costco dental insurance only covers the cost of a portion of the service. For example, if a person goes to the dentist and they have a filling and their insurance can only cover half the cost of the filling and the person owes the other half, they will have to find the money to pay his share.

Costco provides lifetime coverage for any claims arising from the annual dental exam which is included in the dental insurance plan.

It is important to know that Costco dental insurance is dental insurance, not health insurance. Costco dental insurance is not intended to replace health insurance, but it should be mentioned that most people who use Costco dental insurance are not otherwise insured.

Costco dental insurance offers many benefits. It pays for most dental treatments, including general dentistry.


“What is the benefit of purchasing Costco dental insurance ?

You can take advantage of a number of benefits and services with Costco dental insurance at no additional cost.

You will indeed have the advantage of keeping this insurance for your entire life, even if you observe a change in your state of health once you are insured. This insurance will be available to you as long as you pay your premiums.

With the survivor benefit, your children and your spouse will be able to keep their coverage free of charge, for a period of one year after your death.

You will be able to enjoy certain benefits when shopping at Costco Wholesale. When you get prescriptions filled at the Costco Pharmacy, you may see an increase in your maximum benefits payable.

One of the best things about dental insurance from Costco is that you can include your spouse or other dependents in the plan.

The other advantage is that it is quite easy to file a claim with their provider as they are patient friendly. Some of the benefits of Costco dental insurance are that it covers preventative care like cleanings and checkups. It also offers discounts on certain services like dental implants and orthodontics.

Another benefit is that you can qualify for coverage without answering too many questions. All you have to do is meet the eligibility standards.

What is the scope of insurance services at Costco?

Insurance services at Costco relate to medical and dental insurance. You can’t just take dental care. As for coverage, it stands at 70%. Here are the dental care taken into account or not.

Covered dental care:

  • Exams
  • Descaling
  • Cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Polishing

Dental care not covered:

  • Endodontic care
  • Periodontal care
  • Orthodontic care
  • The bridges
  • The crowns
  • Removable dentures

Dental insurance, like any other type of insurance, offers a number of protections for the individual.


Costco prescription drugs

Drug insurance covers the rising costs of generic drugs. Costco now offers a prescription drug program that could save members money.

The program is available to members and non-members, and it offers a 30-day supply of prescription drugs for $9. The program is available at all Costco pharmacies.

If you are privately insured, be aware that the prices of your medicines vary enormously from one pharmacy to another. For example, the price of a 30-day supply of simvastatin (a cholesterol-lowering drug) can range from $11 to $164, depending on the pharmacy. To get the best price for your medications, be sure to compare prices at different pharmacies.

According to “Protect Yourself – Survey on the price of drugs: from simple to double”, the warehouse store is however not a good choice for everyone.


Costco Vision Care

New glasses, contact lenses, eye exams, etc.
Costco Vision Care is a membership-based optical retailer that offers high-quality, affordable eye care and eyewear. Members can take advantage of exclusive discounts on eyeglasses, contact lenses and other optical products and services.

Costco has a vision care department that offers eye exams and a wide variety of glasses and contact lenses. Glasses are available in prescription and non-prescription lenses. The department also offers a wide variety of frames for men and women.


Costco Home Care and Nursing

Rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home. Costco is one of the largest membership warehouse clubs in the world. They offer a variety of services to their members, including home care and nursing.

Costco’s home care and nursing services are a great option for those looking for affordable, quality care. They offer a variety of services including home health aides, nurses, etc.


Costco Registered Therapist Services

Chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist and others. Costco now offers licensed therapist services in Canada. This is great news for the many Costco members struggling with mental health issues. Services are provided by highly trained and experienced therapists who are dedicated to helping Costco members get the help they need.

If you are a Costco member and are struggling with a mental health issue, be sure to take advantage of these services. Therapists are available to help you with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, and stress. They will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs and helps you feel like you used to. So if you’re feeling down and not sure where to turn, be sure to call Costco and make an appointment with one of their therapists.


Travel Emergency Medical Care

Coverage up to $5 million. Costco members have access to emergency travel medical care, which can provide peace of mind while on the go. Emergency travel medical care includes consultations with specialists, prescriptions and hospitalization, up to $250,000 in coverage.


Why Get Costco Dental Insurance?

Public health insurance in Canadian provinces is not very helpful in providing dental services, in fact RAMQ does not cover many things. It is therefore often necessary to take out private insurance such as Costco dental insurance.

Costco dental insurance is coverage for children and adults of all ages. This coverage covers preventive and restorative dental care.

Your child is eligible for coverage from the age of 18 months until the age of 19. This then allows them two years of continuous coverage (until age 20), then eligible again until age 18 months.

Coverage is available for adults up to age 71. Find a dentist who has a dental contract with Costco Dental Insurance Company and is accepting new patients. The dentist will be found in the Costco site.

Dental care is often one of people’s highest annual expenses. The average cost for a single filling is $219, while the average cost for a root canal is over $485 to $1050.

When it comes to dental insurance, there are a number of reasons why someone might want to purchase it. On the one hand, dental care has been shown to improve health. When teeth are healthy, it is easier to maintain a balanced diet. Costco can offer you interesting solutions.


Who is Costco dental insurance for?

Costco dental insurance is designed to help customers pay for the cost of their dental care. You are eligible for Costco Member Health and Dental Insurance if:

  • you are a Costco member;
  • you are 18 years of age or older;
  • you are a Canadian resident;
  • you are covered by a public health insurance plan.

If you live in Quebec, you must also be registered with the RAMQ drug insurance plan.


What does Costco dental insurance cover?

Costco dental insurance is designed to cover the cost of dental services, such as cleanings and exams. The main drawback is that a member must be a Costco member to qualify for this dental insurance.

The main advantages of this dental insurance are that it covers most of the costs of dental services, regardless of the cost. This goes for most preventative dental care, as well as basic procedures.

At Costco, you must purchase health and dental insurance. It is not possible to take out only dental insurance. You will be covered up to 70% for the first $500, up to $350 per year.

Costco offers affordable dental plans that cover dental cleanings, extractions, fillings and more. You can get an estimate using their plan estimate tool, which is conveniently located on the homepage of their website.

The estimate tool has many different scenarios that show you the estimated costs for different dental procedures. If you’d rather speak to someone directly, Costco offers live customer service 7 days a week between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.


How much does Costco dental insurance cost?

As for the price of Costco dental insurance, it varies according to certain criteria such as age, gender, and the province where you reside. You also have the option of taking advantage of a costco dental insurance quote by visiting their website.

Costco offers dental plans for individuals and families. The plan covers all major dental procedures and consists of a preventive dental plan and a major dental plan.

The preventative dental plan includes regular cleanings, regular exams, fluoride treatments, sealants, and x-rays.

The major dental plan covers major repairs, extractions, implants, CT scans, root canals, crowns, dentures and bridges. To get a quote for a Costco dental plan, please visit our insurance calculator.


How do I contact Costco dental insurance?

Here are the contact details for joining Costco dental insurance:

  • Phone : New customers: 1 866 707-499
    Current customers: 1 866 707-4922
  • Email:
  • Mail :
    Manulife – Individual Insurance, PO Box 670, STN Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, N2J 4B8

How do I file a claim with Costco dental insurance?

To file a dental claim with Costco dental insurance, you must:
Use the Manulife online service
Fill in your information and follow the steps indicated.

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